Ushuaia, Argentina - the southernmost city in the world Ferdinand Magellan's voyage map before around-the-world trip The Via Australis cruise ship at port in Ushuaia The Via Australis in Ushuaia One of the bars (Yamana Deck) aboard the Via Australis Enjoying the empty Sky Lounge while other travelers board Our first destination of Cape Horn, the southern tip of the continent The climb up to the Albatross monument on Cape Horn
Cape Horn, with the Chilean Flag in the distance The Via Australis ship in the vast sea near Cape Horn Wide angle view from Cape Horn of the ship, the flag and the lighthouse Approaching the Albatross monument Another view of snowy Cape Horn with our ship waiting for us The Albatross monument with nearby islands in the background 1,000 kilometers due south from these rocks begins Antartica Navarino Island, where Fitz Roy and Darwin took some indigenous Onas back to Europe
Returning to the ship on our zodiac in the snow The Bridge of the Via Australis Navigation maps of the fjords of southern Chile Typical view through the fjords Snowy waterfall near the Piloto Glacier What a view The Pluschow Glacier in southern Chile The Piloto Glacier with it's millenary, blue ice
Icy water making closer navigation impossible in zodiac Cormorants with their blue eyes in the Seno Chico Reflections in the Seno Chico, or Small Sound Glacier excursion The mirror smooth water in the Seno Chico Ultimate solitude Southern Beech trees growing in the snow The warm ship looks inviting after a long zodiac ride
Sunrise on the Magellan Strait Reflecting sunrise in the Magellan Strait Magdalena Island with some of it's 120,000 Magellanic Penguins Magdalena Island lighthouse Kelp Gull on Magdalena Island Extreme Animal Planet Post-coital hug, how romantic The Penguin, a typical dance on Magdalena Island