Alpaca with a clean, close shave Wow, you have a tasty van! What a bonehead! Candelabrio cactus growing straight out of the rocks Clock in Vina del Mar A Patagonian fox enjoying the sun in Torres del Paine Somebody help me, please Hey, a little privacy here!! Where the real Chevrolet logo came from A Coke and a Smile, going way back Golden street performer in Santiago Hurry, Perry, hit the gas! Clouds foretelling of high winds coming Scotty, beam me up! I think we took a wrong turn back there in Copenhagen
House in Santiago Street in Buenos Aires The owner of this cafe is a man of many hats Imagine cutting those nails Mailbox at the end of the world (Ushuaia) Man, these umbrellas are great! (nalcas, not to be confused with nalgas) Martha, there is a road around the lake, no need to part the waters! (actually doing Chi-Gong) No wonder the plane is in a field, with those crazy pilots!
Ready, who is the captain Now THERE is a real captain! I'll race ya Stilt house for sale The Hare Krishna village of Ecotruly Stop filming and come into the sauna! You better not jump! smile!