Exploring her new home Her first pose Love that model walk Boing, Boing! Take that, you rabbit What trouble can I get into now Sshhhh!
This water bottle reminds me of my mommy A fluff ball in the grass Attack! Playing is hard work! Hey, my head is not big, my body is just skinny! You would think she was spoiled Say that again
Tennis ball is bigger than Kylie Aahhh, contentment This is my chair, so stay away! But daddy, I need more toys Perfecting her pose I am growing up fast! Kylie in the Altiplano (Volcanoes Pomerape and Parinacota in background)
So much space to run and play! Exploring the Altiplano Mmmm, that kitty looks tasty! Ha ha, Just kidding! I love the beach footprints in the sand That irresistable look