Alpaca in the Altiplano Alpaca posing for the camera Beetle in Queulat National Park, Chile Sea lion in the port of Valparaiso, Chile Patagonian Fox in Torres del Paine, Chile Patagonian Fox showing its beautiful coat
Frog in Queulat National Park, Chile Herd of Guanacos in the Chacabuco Valley, Chile A male Guanaco in front of the Cuernos, or Horns, in Torres del Paine A curious Guanaco Male Guanaco watching over his herd Guanaco herd in southern Chile
Two juvenile Guanacos playing Horses grazing with a view of Torres del Paine National Park Not wild, but so cute! Penguins talking to each other Penguins in Tierra del Fuego Penguins playing follow the leader at the Otway Sound colony, Chile
A lone Penguin near Ushuaia, Argentina A Pichi Pichi, trying to hide from the camera Beautiful Vicuna in the Altiplano of Chile Herd of Vicunas near lake Chungara, Chile A Cute Vicuna posing for the camera A Viscacha hopping through the rocks in Chile's Altiplano