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Please take a look at some independent reviews on TripAdvisor at this link:       

"You guys were perfect hosts.  It was like having friends show us a corner of their world, giving us full attention, seeing to our comfort, and taking care of everything.  What you give your clients is priceless. It was exactly what we wanted but could not figure out how to go about it.  You really gave us the Patagonia experience with no sweat on our part."

Aida & Albert - Texas, U.S.A.  —  Hosted Patagonian Odyssey, Feb. 2012

"I spend the vast majority of my life traveling, so keeping a personal life going is difficult and any chance to arrange a holiday with my girlfriend is usually a last minute treat.  Meeting her while I was in Chile was one of these treats and more last minute than most.  Less than two weeks before she arrived in Chile, I contacted Felipe and asked him to arrange a two week break- all while I had virtually no telephone access and only intermittent e-mail access.  Despite it being the end of the tourist season, within a couple of days he had arranged a perfect trip with a mix of big city fun, wine country relaxation, and wild country excitement.

"We traveled from Santiago to Patagonia, to the lake district, and then to Valparaiso on the coast.  Every step was confirmed with vouchers detailing what to expect and when, with the individual vendors being there on time and waiting.  Even seemingly small details were covered- like a packed lunch waiting for us in the car during the especially long transfer from Balmaceda airport to the amazing Puyuhuapi Lodge and Spa.  I was especially pleased to find that after arrival at our various hotels and walking around town we decided that every time it was our hotel we would have chosen if we had planned the trip knowing what was available in each location.

"I have actively recommended Felipe to my friends and would not hesitate to use his services again- especially if I was able to give me more time to plan during the season when he could really show his stuff."

David - Canada   —  Tailored trip to Chilean Patagonia, May 2011

"I can't thank you enough for the thorough guidance. As we considered many options for this first trip to South America, it was wonderful to speak with clients of yours who had used your services. Everyone had wonderful things to say about you; now we can be counted amongst your satisfied customers.

"With so many decisions to make, you saved us valuable travel time. Small changes that you suggested insured that we had less time in airports and more time to enjoy each destination. Your on location assistance at each stop provided stress free travel. We enjoyed all of the arrangements that you made and felt very well taken care of. We enjoyed all of the locations that we stayed, including some of the finest hotels we had stayed in in our lives. Thank you for helping us create priceless memories that will last a lifetime. "

Barbara and Matt - California, U.S.A.   —  Tailored trip to Argentina and Uruguay, Feb. 2011

"We can't say enough for Wangulen--their prompt responses to all our emails, their recommendations and advice in planning our itinerary, the accommodations and excursions they arranged for us... all of which resulted in smooth sailing for us and a marvelous three weeks in Argentina and Chile!"

Betsy and Dean - California, U.S.A.   —  Tailored trip to Chile and Argentina, Jan. 2011

"Your thoughtfulness and care alleviated any concerns for a single traveller. We went to places other tours wouldn't reach. Many thanks for making it a holiday of a lifetime."

Gillian - Scotland Borders, U.K.   —  Hosted Patagonian Odyssey, Nov. 2010

"Thanks again for all your help with our last trip to Chile, we really enjoyed it. We will definitely contact you to help set up our next trip to Chile, whenever that is. Hope your business continues to grow."

Marc - Colorado, U.S.A.   —  Volcanoes, Fjords, Valleys and Glaciers tour, Oct. 2010

"This truly was a trip of a lifetime. The small group made the tour intimate and extremely enjoyable. Both of you should be enormously proud of what you do! I will remember this tour for the rest of my life."

Garry and Pamela - West Midlands, England   —  Hosted Patagonian Odyssey, Mar. 2010

"The service and schedule was absolutely excellent. Perry and Felipe are friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and really just great guys as well as guides. So overall, I don't think you could improve the tour."

Jim - Victoria, Australia   —  Hosted Patagonian Odyssey, Mar. 2010

"We appreciate your quick responses to our questions and needs, your punctuality, attention to detail, ability to adjust to changing circumstances. From your company's beginning, you have succeeded in evolving it into a very professional, high-quality, mature entity. You both work so hard and undergo a lot of stress. You deserve a good life!"

Lydia - California, U.S.A.  —  Hosted Patagonian Odyssey, Jan. 2010

"My favorite destination? Torres del Paine. Awesome. Never seen anything like it. No complaints on your service. A++."

Robert - Missouri, U.S.A.  —  Tailored Santiago + Chilean Patagonia, Nov. 2009

"The two men who own this company have kind enthusiasm. When you meet people like them you just feel good and happy to be a part of them."

Frances - Missouri, U.S.A.  —  Tailored Santiago + Chilean Patagonia, Nov. 2009

"The trip into Torres del Paine National Park was my favorite. What beauty, and a great walk! Like being in company of friends. You have terrific knowledge of your country and its history. I can't think of a thing to improve... I would love to have a Patagonia on my Mind T-shirt or jacket!"

Michael and Maggie - Missouri, U.S.A.  —  Tailored Santiago + Chilean Patagonia, Nov. 2009

"We would like to express our sincere thanks to Wangulen, the best tour operators in South America, for putting together a most memorable holiday. Felipe and Perry were the best travel resource. The service they provided exceeded our expectation. Right from the beginning, when we were planning our holiday, they helped to put together an outstanding and well thought out package tour.

"The first Overland tour experience with Wangulen, back in 2007, was so spectacular, we actually booked our second South American holiday 18 months later. The service received was outstanding, which has made both our holidays very enjoyable. Definitely would recommend Wangulen to all of my friends "

Vic and iris - Western Australia, Australia  —  Hosted Northern Chile and Machu Picchu, Jul. 2009

"Thanks to careful attention to detail, our trip to Chile in Oct. '08 went smoothly and was a wonderful experience. Perry and Felipe of Wangulen Odyssey are experts on Chile and Argentina and arranged the highlights we wanted to see into the time available. All segments were beyond our expectations and we recommend their courteous attention to anyone, anywhere in the world."

John and Gail - Queensland, Australia   —  Patagonia + Skorpios Cruise , Oct. 2008

"Overall I found the tour as impressive as advertised. Where else on earth is there such geographic and biological diversity. Well done!"

Kermit - Nevada, U.S.A.  —  Patagonian Overland Odyssey, Jan. 2008

"I've travelled alot before but only this trip to Patagonia has left me with the most memories and emotions. The beauty and the wilderness of Patagonia touched me in a way that it's hard to find appropriate words to describe. Thanks to each of you for sharing this with me and taking good care of me. Special thanks to Perry and Felipe for organizing such a flawless trip, you are equally good as a tour-guide, a planner, an entertainer, and most importantly as a friend."

Kathy - Canada  —  Patagonian Overland Odyssey, Jan. 2008

"A great trip that allowed us to see 3 distinct areas of Chile in the short time that we had available - from the cafes of Santiago to the glaciers in Patagonia. I know when people book on the internet, especially overseas, they are a little apprehensive, but all was as you said and when we arrived in Santiago and saw a driver with our name I knew all was going to be fine."

Stuart and Diane - New Jersey, U.S.A.  —  Chilean Patagonia Express, Dec. 2007

"Thank you again for a great trip. Everything worked out very well. I appreciate the arrangements you made, all were top notch. I have no doubt I will be visiting South America again, hopefully soon!"

Jason - U.S.A.  —  Customized adventure trekking trip, Dec. 2007

"I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our trip to Chile. The trip was spectacular in every aspect. The locations, scenery, people, food, wine - all were wonderful. Thank you so much for all you did."

Richard and Jann - Texas, U.S.A.  —  Customized trip, Dec. 2007

"Thank you so much for taking care of all the trip details. We have a much greater understanding of how complicated it could be. You exceeded our expectations and we thank you for your part in what was an excellent trip."

Kristen and Karen - Washington, U.S.A.  —  Customized trekking trip, Nov. 2007

"The Patagonia tour through Chile and Argentina was fabulous. We saw waterfalls, glaciers, lakes, volcanoes, trees, flowers, guanacos, rheas, condors, and truly gorgeous scenery as we crisscrossed the Andes on our way to the tip of South America, where we saw penguins. We had five tourists who began as strangers and ended as friends.

"The trip had a great mix of activity and rest time. Our guides were Perry and Felipe, who left their business jobs to form Wangulen Odyssey. They would take care of us as a group and individually, keeping us on track with the itinerary while giving us some flexibility. It was a great tour!

"If you're going to South America, I highly recommend them."

Mark - California, U.S.A.  —  Patagonian Overland Odyssey, Nov. 2007

"I'm finally home, caught up with the mail, etc. and enjoying the memories of one of my best trips ever. I can't stop thinking about the penguins, flamingoes, albatros & condors.

"Some of our trip highlights include the boat trip from Puerto Natales to the glaciers, our dinner with you guys in Punta Arenas (thanks to you, I enjoyed Conger Eel almost everywhere we went), hiking up to the Torres, seeing all the animals as we entered Torres del Paine, and walking around Puerto Natales & Punta Arenas.

"Thanks again for all your help in planning our trip. It was the BEST!"

Donald - NY, U.S.A.  —  Customized trekking trip, Oct. 2007

"I constantly look at our photos and am just amazed at what we saw and the experiences that you gave us. This is a supurb tour with lots of personal attention, which we appreciated. We can't see how you could improve your service as it is already excellent. Thanks guys!"

John and Diane - New Zealand  —  Patagonian Overland Odyssey, Oct. 2007

"Our favorite parts of the trip were the Perito Moreno Glacier, seeing the volcanoes, snow-capped mountains, beautiful lakes, birding - we liked it all. The van was very comfortable and clean. Felipe's meals were great. We had good, congenial guides throughout the trip."

Bob and Doris - Kentucky, U.S.A.  —  Patagonian Overland Odyssey, Oct. 2007

"The tour of Northern Chile was amazing. We got to see and do so many great things, and were able to develop an appreciation for South America, and mostly for Chile. Felipe is a great travel guide, and not only does he know a lot about his country, but he genuinely loves it and this love shows through in his approach to tours. We connected with him almost immediately, and this allowed us to have a great time together and to make a new friend.

"We just wanted to give you an extra thanks for everything you did for us during our trip.

"Now, instead of saying to people, 'yeah, we have been to Chile', we can say 'Yeah, we have a friend in Chile.' "

Christie and Jason - Canada  —  Discover Chile's Altiplano Overland, Jul. 2007

"I would love to go on another overland tour with you guys!"

Conny and Ray - Florida, U.S.A.  —  Patagonian Overland Odyssey, Feb. 2007

"It was a wonderful trip with two friendly and professional tour leaders with an in-depth knowledge of Patagonia. The hotels and food were excellent, the transport was comfortable and reliable. The activities were varied and easy. There was magnificent scenery, glacial lakes, towering snowcapped volcanoes, turquoise rivers, waterfalls, desert, forest and wildlife. Everyday was exciting!"

Josephine - Ireland  —  Patagonian Overland Odyssey, Feb. 2007

"From start to finish, this was an amazing trip. Both Felipe and Perry are excellent at their jobs and extremely personable. I recommend them, their company Wangulen, and the Patagonia Tour of Chile very highly. The scenery is breathtaking, the wildlife incredible, and the people absolutely fasinating.”

Isabella - Canada  —  Patagonian Overland Odyssey, Feb. 2007

"This is an outstanding way to visit one of South America's last great frontiers and travel the Carretera Austral through pristine, scenic Chilean Patagonia. Perry and Felipe are terrific hosts who think of everything to make your trip perfect. Lots of soft adventures - easy trekking, horseback riding, whitewater floating, glacier hiking & wildlife viewing. Interesting lodges and restaurants, comfortable small-group vehicle, great company.

"One of our best trips ever!”

Gary and Roberta - Illinois, U.S.A.  —  Patagonian Overland Odyssey, Jan. 2007

"We both had an fantastic time travelling with Wangulen, as personified by Perry and Felipe, who started the tour as our guides but ended it as friends.

"Right from the start, in customizing the many requests we had for our itinerary to showing us the amazing scenery and rich culture of Chile, they both conducted themselves with utmost professionalism in consideration of our comfort and needs. The warmth and hospitality they have shown during our entire trip and attention to even the smallest details really went beyond our expectations and served to reinforce the wonderful memories we take from our trip.

"We both defintely recommend Wangulen for anyone planning their trip to South America. You can expect great company, wonderful memories and most importantly, the personal touch in all their activities.

"Get ready to be blown away!!"

Eng Kiong & Hwee Loo - Singapore  —  Customized honeymoon, + Australis Glaciers cruise, Dec. 2006

"My Trip on Patagonia (Chile-Argentina) was amazing, the tour operator was a great professional, friendly and good company all the time. The help in planning this trip was too easy. We are happy for it!”

Ricardo - Brazil  —  Customized trip, Dec. 2006

"Felipe and Perry built the itinerary for me based on some places I didn't want to miss (ie Iguazu Falls, Perito Moreno Glacier, Torres del Paine, etc) and helped me find beautiful places where I was in contact with Nature and myself. My ideal vacation was to be out of the stress of the city for 3 weeks, and I ended up with the beauty of Nature, what more relaxing than that?

"I highly recommend them if you are looking for great deals in South America (Chile and Argentina). Perry and Felipe are very patient and work with you in finding the best option and schedule for your trip. They scheduled my tours to all places I wanted to see and recommended me good options that I just loved!! They are very respectful, and I was impressed with their knowledge and professionalism. They really take care of you.

"I had a wonderful and amazing vacation!”

Izel - Virginia, U.S.A.  —  Customized trip, Dec. 2006

"It was exactly what it said it was: a great experience led by two excellent guides. Informative, exciting and fun. The atmosphere is friendly and familiar. We would recommend this trip to anybody with an interest in seeing the real Patagonia.

"The best trip of my life. The highlights of my trip to Chile were with Wangulen Odyssey.”

Arne and Karin - Denmark  —  Customized trip, Nov. 2006

"Grazie per questi ricordi e per la soddisfazione che ancora proviamo nell’aver vissuto un angolo di mondo che solo Voi due potevate mostrarci.”

“Thanks for these memories and the satisfaction we still experience having lived a slice of the world that only the two of you could show us.”

Piero, Rosanna, Anna and Giancarlo - Italy  —  Customized trip, Oct. 2006

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