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I'm Perry McIntosh, half of the Wangulen Team.  I'm from the U.S. but Chile has been my home for 20 years.

My formal education (MBA in Finance / New Venture Analysis) and work experience in Business Planning for various multinationals has prepared me well to say goodbye to my desk job and do what I love:

Working with people from all over the globe in planning unforgettable travel experiences!  

I fell in love with southern Chile the first time I visited many years ago, and my biggest thrill is sharing this yet unspoiled slice of the planet with other people.  Whether you love nature, culture, history, myths, adventure,
(or like me, all of the above!), Patagonia is calling you!  And I'm here to help.

Send me a message from our Contact Page or email me at


My name is Felipe Soto, born in Santiago, and I'm the Chilean face to Wangulen. I have a 5-year Business Degree specializing in Marketing.

I've always been an independent traveler, saving up small sums for my next adventure somewhere around the world. I learned English in South Africa during a summer-long backpacking trip, which made me realize that working in the travel industry and helping creat lasting memories was what I wanted to do.

Strangely, my travels always took me north and east from Santiago to the rest of Latin America, not knowing that another gem was to the south. From the first time I ventured into Patagonia I was in awe, and have since dedicated my professional life to sharing this incredible place with other travelers.

I know the area well, I've developed working relationships with other client-focused operators to help coordinate your travel planning, and I speak the language, a clear plus at the local level.

Send me a message from our Contact Page or email me at


I'm Kylie (a Patagonian Sheltie), and I'm Wangulen's Mascot & Best Friend.

I was born in Valdivia, a beautiful city north of here, but I prefer Puerto Varas because I can play in the lake and look at all the volcanoes around. I'm bilingual, and very smart (I just turned 11 in February).

I love to run and play, and if you throw my ball for me, you'll be my instant best friend.

I also love to travel, and jump up in the van whenever I'm allowed. Something about only if the other people in the van don't mind, which I don't really understand, since I love everyone and people say I'm so irrisistible!

My favorite thing is attention. Pet me and I'm yours, and when I'm tired, I'll curl up against you for a nap.

Please come see me, and invite me along with you. I love adventures!

Why should I book a tour with Wangulen?

We know you have numerous options when it comes to planning your vacation, including going through large tour group operators. With us, you are not just a number, you are our number one priority.
  • Wangulen (which means "Star" in Mapudungun, the Mapuche indigenous language) is a local company, so your business supports the local economy and helps preserve the beauty of our natural environment,
  • We are the owners and operators of the business, so planning and problem solving are quick, and our personalized service is unbeatable,
  • We know that our clients primarily want a hassle-free vacation, customized to their needs, exceeding their expectations, and all at a fair price,
  • Our escorted tours are very limited in size (6 max.), which both reduces our impact on the environment and ensures a more intimate experience,
  • By keeping our overhead low and working only with local operators, our prices are nearly as amazing as Patagonia itself!

Compare our prices, our programs, all that is included, and our complete dedication to you, the only reason we are in business, and I hope you realize that we are the obvious choice for planning your upcoming adventure into Patagonia.

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