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Hosted, All-Inclusive Patagonian Overland - Our Highest Rated Tour into the heart of Patagonia  -  $5,590 pp

What is an Overland?  An overland is a type of "roadtrip", where the key attraction is not only each destination, but also the adventure along the way. We head through the remote, pristine parts of Patagonia that most people simply fly over, enabling us to share with you the true Patagonia experience!

Why Patagonia?  This remote, practically unknown land is replete with myths, legends, unique wildlife and unparalleled landscapes. Adjectives previous travelers have used to describe Patagonia include Wild, Untamed, Infinite, Dramatic, Unexpected, Breathtaking, Inspiring and even Unearthly. With over 5 million online votes, Torres del Paine was chosen as part of the new 8 Wonders of the World, beating out over 300 entries from 50 countries. After spending 3 days in Chile's most-visited national park, we will let you be the judge.

Who is this trip for?  This tour is for lovers of nature, history, culture, photography, flora and fauna. It is for those who enjoy sharing this untamed land with like-minded people, who pack along their sense of wonder and their sense of humor. It requires that you be flexible and flow with the tour, so you can create your own Patagonian experience. As one recent client put it, this trip is for people with an "Interest in nature, with all its glories and inconveniences.  Interest in a different culture, history, and places.  A sense of adventure and excitement over the unexpected.  Willingness to leave the internet and the modern world for 15 days."  It is not an active trip, but we will have plenty of opportunities for hiking, walking, horseback riding and boat rides, among others.This tour is open to all ages, and our overland travelers have averaged between 35-75 years old.

Why travel with us?  We have seven years experience hosting travelers from all over the world through majestic Patagonia, and are the only operators running this specific route. This Small-Group tour (12 maximum) is All-Inclusive, meaning you don't have to worry about your internal flights, meals and snacks, lodging, daily activities, park entrance fees, or anything else. We truly enjoy our job, and hope it shows in everything we do.
Scroll down for more information about the tour, including our lodging choices, which by themselves are part of the Patagonian story.

Upcoming Departure Dates (click date for itinerary):
February 10, 2019 (Southbound - available)
February 24, 2019 (Northbound - available)

Group Size        
Our Patagonian Odyssey tour is limited to a maximum of 12 travelers, which fosters a fun, friendly atmosphere and enables personalized service unbeatable on anything other than a private tour. And if you can get a group of friends to join you, it will truly be a private adventure!
First of all, there is no camping. The hotels we use on our hosted overland tours vary between 3 and 5-star. Since these tours will take us through some pretty remote locations, the level of accomodations obviously depends on the destination, but we usually stay in the nicest place in the area. Just like you, we also want a hot shower and a comfortable bed at the end of an adventurous day! Following are the current hotels and lodges we use on our Patagonian Odyssey tour:

  Lodging (in order for Southbound tour)     Hotel Web link, if available (click to open in new window)  

    Puerto Varas - Hotel Cumbres
    Caleta Gonzalo - Caleta Gonzalo Cabins
    Glacier Sound - Puyuhuapi Lodge & Spa
    Coyhaique - Hotel Diego de Almagro
    Puerto Guadal - Terra Luna Lodge
    Lago Posada - Hotel Rio Tarde
    El Chalten - Hotel Chalten Suites
    El Calafate - Hotel Kosten Aike
    Torres del Paine - Hotel Rio Serrano
    Puerto Natales - Hotel Indigo
Comfortable Transportation
Beginning from the moment we pick you up at the airport in our departure city (either Puerto Montt or Puerto Natales) you will ride in our comfortable van configured for a maximum of 12 travelers.
The van has separate, reclining seats with armrests, air conditioning, plenty of legroom and extra large windows. We travel with water and snacks, and since our groups are so small, we have plenty of time to stop, walk around, take pictures, and generally enjoy the beautiful surroundings. We never forget that you are on vacation, and our goal is to give you the best travel experience possible.
Here are some pictures of our current transportation:
Meals and Snacks
As mentioned, all of your meals are included on these tours. Before you arrive, we will send you a form requesting additional information about food preferences, allergies, etc. Here is an example of typical foods you can expect:
All of our hotels will provide continental breakfasts, which will include breads and spreads, fruit, cereal, ham, cheese, sweets, coffee, tea, milk, juices, etc.
Either in local resturants (meats, pastas, chicken, fish, soups, salads, etc.) or a picnic style lunch consisting of fresh sandwiches, fruit, local specialties, cheeses, salty and sweet snacks, juice, water, soft drinks, etc.
Dinner will either be in the hotel, at a local resturant, and depending on the location, Felipe might cook one of his Chilean specialties, which usually ends up as the favorite meal of the trip! Typical foods would be local stews with meats and vegetables, chicken, lamb, fish and shellfish, potatoes, salads with fresh, local produce, local wines (Chile and Argentina both have outstanding wines), flan, ice cream, pies and cakes, and much more. Hungry yet?
We always carry with us a collection of salty and sweet snacks, including such things as fresh and dried nuts, local fruits, crackers, cookies, granola bars, etc. If you want something special for the "happy box", all you have to do is ask!
Soft-adventure Activities
Each day during your overland tour we will have a specific activity, depending on our route, the day's destination and the weather conditions. These activities are easy to moderate, and require only that you be in generally good physical condition to be able to enjoy them fully.
None of the activities are mandatory, and alternative activities will nearly always be available. If you do not want to participate in a given activity, one of us will stay behind with you and we'll do something else.
Without giving away all the surprises, here is a short list of the things you can expect for each of the Overlands:
  •  Walking tours through cities and towns, experiencing the local culture,
  •  Taking a ferry into the northernmost fjord in South America, and the closest to the equator on the planet,
  •  Trekking to find a hidden waterfall in Pumalim Park,
  •  Hiking into the forest in to witness some Alerce trees over 3,000 years old,
  •  Exploring Chile's dense temperate rain forest along the Carretera Austral, or Southern Road,
  •  Boat ride across Glacier Sound to a secluded resort in the middle of the forest,
  •  Hiking to a hanging glacier in Queulat National Park,
  •  Boat ride to visit several natural Marble Caves on South America's second-largest lake,
  •  Patagonian photo safari through a valley connecting Chile and Argentina, home to guanacos, rheas and birds,
  •  Navigation in front of the Perito Moreno glacier, followed by self-exploration on foot to witness this growing giant,
  •  Hiking in Chile's Torres del Paine National Park.
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